Katie (orangepenguino) wrote in fireflyfans,

My Firefly/Serenity related procrastination knows no bounds.

Hello again. Tonight I have two offerings for you all. First off, I've posted some more pictures to my Big Damn Firefly/Serenity Gallery. They're mostly Adam, Summer and Morena from various cons (including this past weekend's Grand Slam), although there are a few more Nathan ones and pile of random ones of Morena from various premieres.

Secondly, because I'd downloaded it for myself and it wasn't really a bother to upload while I was cramming for exams, you can find a copy of tonight's episode of Bones, which featured a clean-shaven Adam Baldwin as an FBI agent. Here is the link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/cjtqw4

ETA: I forgot that I wanted to point out that Adam's presence on Bones is especially amusing because of this earlier Firefly related scene: http://www.fireflyfans.net/thread.asp?b=10&t=15502

Also of note, an article about Adam's role on Bones. http://www.tv.com/tracking/viewer.html&ref_id=33332&tid=90582&ref_type=101

[I'm not cross-posting this anywhere, but if you can think of anyone who'd be interested in any of its contents feel free to pass the information along.]
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