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Thread moved from lost_tv

So lost_tv was having a discussion about the whole "My fandom is . . " Icons and sayings.
I started a Firefly Response and got a touch carried away and decided to repost it here, ask others to play along and maybe someone will get inspired and make us a crop of "Fandom" Icons (I am void of talent when it comes to Icon-making.)
So here is what I have come up with this morning, Feel free to add to, comment on, critisize, steel, giggle at etc . .

My fandom is Shiny and has Big Damn Heros.
My fandom has horses AND Spaceships. (how cool is that)
My fandom has "Space Whores"
My fandom smells like Turnips.
My fandom wears no pants.
My fandom is so very pretty.
My fandom is fast like a freak. (Hrm, needed an Inara one)
My fandom means to say . . .
My fandom is the Hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne.
My fandom is a leaf on the wind.
My fandom knows what going mad feels like.
My fandom has an evil laugh.
My fandom shoots politely.
My fandom brings religosity to the fuzzie-wuzzies.
My fandom has heathens aplenty.
My fandom has monastic humor.
My fandom has thrilling heroics.
My fandom was on the loosing side, but not the wrong one.
My fandom wants a slinky dress.
My fandom has a mission . . . .
My fandom makes people feel guilty and judged.
My fandom has had congress with the beast.
My fandom will burn in a very special level of hell.
My fandom integrates non-progressional evolution theory with God's creation of Eden. (Take THAT other whimpy fandoms!)
My fandom vacations on the NAKED Beach.
My fandom deals in black market beagles.
My fandom has been fired from a FRY cook opportunity.
My fandom knows that the small concealable weapons always go to the far left of the place setting.
My fandom is my kinda stupid.
My fandom asks Buddah for a pony and a plastic rocket.
My fandom wants to borrow your pen . . .
My fandom can see you . . .

and last but not least

My fandom paid money for this . . on purpose.

**EDIT** Y'all came up with so many wonderful ones I decided to add them to the body of the post as some sort of MASTER List. You keep adding, Ill keep editing them in. I think this list would be a GREAT resource for icon makers. I may also send the link to the folks at Firefly Talk Podcast for their forum Recap segment;)

(The first part of this list is by yours truely who goes by Tigerlily on the FF boards The rest is labeled by author)
My fandom has done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.
My fandom is still flyin'.
My fandom is just too pretty for God to let us die.
My fandom is manly and impulsive.
My fandom is shiny.
My fandom makes me mighty.
My fandom has too much hair.
My fandom is a son of a whore.
My fandom tickles me a bit.
My fandom makes me turn down plenty of jobs, even honest ones.
My fandom will be in my bunk.
My fandom swears by its pretty floral bonnet it will end you.
My fandom wants to go to the crappy town where it's a hero.
My fandom is psychotic.
My fandom aims to misbehave.
No power in the 'verse can stop my fandom.
My fandom can kill you with its brain.
My fandom ~ the pitter patter of tiny feet in huge combat boots.
My fandom will fall and die and I'm not cleaning it up.
My fandom is problematic.
My fandom ordered a dead guy.
My fandom wears handknit hats.
My fandom loves ruffles.
My fandom is not a grandpa.
My fandom never married.
My fandom walks on two feet.
My fandom plays with Kaylee.
My fandom married accidentally while drunk.
My fandom is so crazy it wants to marry it's brother.
My fandom has to get married, it's in the family way.
My fandom steals Jayne's bread.
My fandom is afraid to love.
My fandom needs this man to rip all our clothes off.
My fandom loves it's mother.
My fandom follows the crazy girl in the box.
My fandom says "Hunh"
My fandom walks two by two.
My fandom has hands of blue.
My fandom is very comfortable.
My fandom gets some trim when there's a willin' woman about.
My fandom brushes whore's hair.
My fandom doesn't look in the closet, it's greedy.
My fandom plans to take it slow.
My fandom remembers where everything goes.
My fandom wonders who's in there?
My fandom loves straberries
My fandom has scary hair.
My fandom juggles geese.
My fandom wears tightpants.
My fandom swears in another language.
My fandom goes crazy and then falls asleep.
My fandom has a problem with its brain being missing.
My fandom is thoughtful. It has boy whores.
Can my fandom start gettin' sexed already?
My fandom knows that aliens are just deformed cow fetuses... fetusi?
My fandom found some sort of hot cheese over there.
My fandom got stabbed, right here.
My fandom got messed up by space monkies. Evil space monkies.
My fandom wears poisoned lipstick.
My fandom is taking a dirt nap with the baby Jesus
My fandom wears tight pants.
My fandom is proud of their talent for alienatin' folks.
My fandom slices their apples before eating them.
My fandom plays with dinosaurs.
My fandom is cheerful.
My fandom swears in Chinese.
My fandom names their weapons.
My fandom suffers from tragic space dementia.
My fandom knows Reavers were made by Pax.
My fandom wears browncoats!
My fandom curses your sudden but inevitable betrayal.
MY Fandom curses your sudden but inevitable Betrayal.
My fandom has an evil laugh.
My fandom plays with toy dinosaurs.
My fandom has a very favourite gun called Vera.
My fandom keeps flyin'.
My fandom believe in a special hell.
My fandom has a good Bible.
My fandom is pretty cunning, don'tcha think?
If wishes were horses, my fandom would be knee deep in steak.
My fandom transports bobble head giesha dolls.
My fandom eats wife soup, mmmmmmmmm.
My fandom specialty is washing feet.
My fandom drinks fine rice wine.
My fandom is getting along so very well.
My fandom has a good myth.
My fandom would take you in a manly fashion.
My fandom knows how to show a girl a disgusting time.
My fandom would take you in a manly fashion cuz you're pretty.
My fandom has sexy stories you won't ever hear.
My fandom minds if you say grace.
My fandom is thinking about growing a big, black moustache. It's a traditionalist.
My fandom will stay on... just don't fiddle with it.
My fandom ain't junk.
My fandom just lies there and is ironical.
My fandom could get nekkid.
My fandom hasn't had nothin twixt its niethers in years that don't run on batteries.
My fandom looks better in red.
My fandom will kill you with a sword. What's up with that?
My fandom has man parts!
My fandom is really very gentle and fuzzy.
My fandom melted away.
My fandom doesn't mean what you think...
My fandom isn't alowed to touch guns.
My fandom is getting very very crowded!
My fandom will Either blow us all up or rub soup in
its hair, it's a toss up.
My fandom is a morality tale about the evils of sake.
My fandom is a recipe for unpleasantness.
My fandom has Wacky Fun.
My fandom only want's to go if its someplace with candlelight.
My fandom can kill you with its brain.
My fandom sounds like something out of science fiction.
My fandom is somewhat unsettling.
My fandom does shadow puppets to keep the feds occupied.
My fandom really wanted your beans.
My fandom is trying to think of a way for you to be cruder. It's just not coming.
My fandom thinks Jayne is a girl's name.
My fandom Can't miss a place its never been.
My fandom threw up on your bed.
My fandom is somewhat fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps.
My fandom belongs in a bughouse.
You can't take the sky from MY fandom.
My fandom has three full mags, and its swinging cod!
My fandom swallowed a bug.
My fandom would like to purchase that Geisha in the window *chinchin*
I don't believe there is a power in the 'verse that can stop My fandom from being cheerful. Sometimes you just wanna duct tape its mouth and dump it in the hold for a month.
Have you ever been with a warrior fandom?
My fandom swears by their pretty floral bonnet.
My fandom looks good in red.
In my fandom, people love wobbly-headed Geisha dolls.
My fandom's brains are in terrible danger.
My fandom puts the corpses of its friends' up and front to honour them.
My fandom loves its captain.
My fandom has a petty thief as a captain.
My fandom sure could use some grenades.
My fandom will rule over this land, and call it... 'This Land'.
My fandom can hear you 'cause it's standing right here.
My fandom has a problem with its entry sequence.
My fandom knows what the chain of command is.
My fandom would pull this job for free.
My fandom can calculate ten percent of nothin'.
My fandom knows the definition of 'interesting'.
If wishes were horses, my fandom would be eatin' steak!
My fandom is so ready with the eyebrow mopping.
My fandom made it this far in that outfit.
My fandom oughta be shot.
Does my fandom seem right to you?
My fandom finds someone to carry you.
My fandom has seen so much death...
My fandom doesn't care what you believe in, just believe.
My fandom likes where the legs meet the back, in fact that whole area.
Ok ok, just quit describing my fandom.
My fandom never knows what it's saying.
My fandom is damaging my calm.
Take my fandom. Take it hard.
My fandom is nothing to see.
But my fandom is naked...and articulate!
My fandom just fell.
My fandom wants to meet that child one day. Period.
My fandom is not what it seems.
My fandom is talking at you!
My fandom is the popular theory.
My fandom will put a bullet in your brain pan. Squish!
My fandom got stabbed, ya know. Right here.
My fandom has an elaborate plan on how they was to be not here.
My fandom will be your bounty.
My fandom can't know that!
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