That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir) (thatwordgrrl) wrote in fireflyfans,
That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir)

Worldcon Panel Suggestions for Firefly programming

These are very preliminary, and may not even make the cut, but here they are...

1. Why Didn't Fans Get Firefly the First Time Around?

Firefly really is the Cinderella story of SF. What went oh so wrong the first time, and how did the series overcome that?

2. Future Imperfect - Media SF Gets Grimy, Dirty and Real

The sanitized future of Star Trek seems to be a thing of the past. From Firefly/Serenity to Battlestar Galactica, grunge is in. Why do we seem to prefer our future dark, dank and just a bit decrepit?

Also, garfeimao, I gave your contact info to the programming chair for Firefly, Lost and BSG, as you requested. And colleency, I also recommended you for the Firefly panel. :>

In case anyone is wondering just what all the fuss is about, more info here.

This really is the big event for general SF, so any other Firefly programming suggestions would be welcome.
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