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"Big Damn Chefs" cookbook news, March 18th


March 18, 2006

The cookbook now has an Editorial Staff! Also, in order to take care of the business side of operations - financial and legal - for the cookbook, it was necessary to create a separate and legal non-profit organization. The name of the organization is the Browncoat Relief Corps (also known as the BRC). More information about the Editorial Board and the non-profit available on the "About BDC" page on the website. We've also received submissions from prominent Browncoats such as Cedric of the Bedlam Bards (http://www.bedlambards.com/Browncoats.html), and Michelle Dockery of Escape Key, the creator of the popular FireFilk piece known as "Mal's Song" (http://www.cyphertext.net/escapekey/Mal.txt)

More exiting news! Browncoat friend Edd Vick, publisher of Mu Press (http://mupress.com/index.html), has generously donated an ISBN number to the project! That saves the BDC about $100 and a lot of work. Thanks so much, Edd! Having an ISBN means that eventually Big Damn Chefs might be available commercially through distributors such as Amazon.com or in bookstores. We will still need to purchase a bar code, but having the ISBN number makes the process much easier, already.

Also, the first of the prizes for the cover contest recently arrived - a "Serenity Bank Heist Money Display" from the Propstore of London.
(http://www.propstore.com/product_info.php?pid=7550) Shiny!

--Julesong/Julie Rampke
"Big Damn Chefs"
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