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Upcoming TV Appearances: Our Big Damn Heroes

Being the geek I am, I've programmed all our Heroes into my TiVo, so it alerts me whenever they appear on TV. Movies, tak show, whatever. It gives the listings for up to 2 1/2 weeks in advance. If there's enough interest, I can try to update the listings on a regular weekly when remembered basis.

Notes: I have DirecTV, so some channels may not be available in your area.

All times listed are EST, or East Coast USA.
Check your local listings to confirm channels and times.
Adam Baldwin
3/21 - 5:00 PM - Full Metal Jacket (MAX)
3/23 - 8:00 AM - My Bodyguard (Wham)
3/29 - 3:00 PM - The Outer Limits (SciFi)
3/31 - 2:03 AM - Farewell, My Love (LMN)
4/2 - 1:00 PM - In the Line of Duty: Smokejumpers (WGN)
4/3 - 11:35 AM - Gacy (EDRA)

Summer Glau

3/22 - 7:00 AM - Angel (TNT)

Sean Maher
4/2 - 8:00 AM - Brian's Song (HALL)

Alan Tudyk
3/21 - 7:15 PM - Hearts in Atlantis (HBOS)
3/23 - 8:00 PM - Ice Age (FX)
3/24 - 12:45 PM - Hearts in Atlantis (HBO)

Jewel Staite
3/27 - 7:00 PM - Widow on the Hill (LIFE)

Morena Baccarin
Nothing Scheduled

Nathan Fillion
Nothing Scheduled

Ron Glass
Nothing Scheduled

Gina Torres
Nothing Scheduled

Joss Whedon
Nothing Scheduled
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