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A few months ago I had a baby. Somehow, I broke my knee during labor. Three days later, my husband had to go back to Iraq for eight more months. My dad came up (to the middle of nowhere Fairbanks) to help out with me and the baby.

We're both Sci-Fi fans. Since it was -50 outside and I was incapable of walking anyway, we stayed home and watched DVDs.

So after watching Battlestar Galactica, Stargates 1 and Atlantis, and Taken, we decided to rent Firefly. Some of my FList had mentioned Firefly but I'd never seen it. Since I'd never really gotten into Buffy or Angel, I guess I just sort of dismissed Firefly whenever it was mentioned.

And we were hooked. Completely mesmerized. And heartbroken too. Why was something so fabulous canceled so precipitously???

It didn't occur to me, until tonight, to even look for an LJ community.

But I should have known that such a fabulous show would still have a rabid fan base!

I'm so happy to have found you all!
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