Tom Hodges (tdhartist) wrote in fireflyfans,
Tom Hodges

Defining ME as an artist.. or is it REFINING?

I go back and forth with who I am as an artist all the time. I have these moments where I want to be high detailed like Adam Hughes/Jim Lee/Jeff Campbell... and then I want to stick to my guns and be defined as a Bruce Timm/Jack Kirby "animated" type of artist.

I LOVE what I do. Nothing is more gratifying then working on the webstrips and comics and t-shirts... etc... etc... but when I try to be very detailed... I feel I try too hard and the art suffers... when I am being myself with my animated feel... it works. You often see the webstrip go back and forth. I almost expect fans to ask if 2 different artists work on them... LOL

You'll find that when I think about the art too hard, it suffers and when I don't, it looks great. Well after aq conversation with a well known comic artist today, I can tell you I will stop thinking about it and just do my thing.

Does this mean you guys will suffer?

HECK NO! You guys will make out like a bandit! It also will make Paul and Sue breath easier because when I'm not thinking too hard... I work better and faster. ;)

Did this rant make sense to anyone?

And for your entertainment... Me and Joss (I need to lose 30lbs!)

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