Lauradinosaura (lafredgeorge13) wrote in fireflyfans,

So tonight I made my first icon that works! I made one with Mal and the Ballad of Serenity but it got all wierd and such. I wanted to do something with Guster and Firefly, so I used lyrics from the song Demons and it seemed to fit River the best and this was the best picture I had on my computer to go with it so thats what I got! :D Hopefully I can get better but for having no photoshop knowlegde I am very proud of myself :D YAY!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

The text is "My words confuse you my eyes don't move a blink cause it's easier sometimes not to be sincere"

If anyone could give me tips on making better icons/using Photoshop I would appericate it. I want to start making moving icons, I have a few ideas. Thanks in advance!
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