TV Whisperer (electrcspacegrl) wrote in fireflyfans,
TV Whisperer

My Firefly trip

I finished the last episode of Firefly today. I loved "Objects in Space", it was really creepy and surprising, and yeah, I actually didn't disbelieve that River had actually become Serenity.

Early was fascinating. I liked the way he spoke. He was the most interesting villian yet. I would have liked to have seen more of him.

Now I'm moving on to the extra features. The gag reel wasn't very long, but I downloaded the 4-part full gag reel here. I still have more deleted scenes to watch, Joss' tour of the ship, and the commentary. And then I'm going to watch the episodes all over again. It'll keep me busy while I wait for the Angel season 3 DVDs.

My favorite couple was Mal and Inara. I really want them to be together! Everytime they almost kissed, or almost told each other how they feel, it hurt when they didn't.

Now I want to show Firefly to all my friends because it's really an excellent show. It didn't even have the awkward start that Buffy and Angel did.
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