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Hi! I joined a few weeks ago and have so far only been lurking. I watched Firefly only after watching the trailer for Serenity. (I wanted the backstory before I went ahead and watched the film, heehee.) Unfortunately I missed its very limited run here in my country (a one-night only "advanced screening"), so I'm going to have to content myself with the DVD.

Anyway, I love how some posts in this community are so random. :P To offer something of my own, I made some Firefly icons way back, from the first 2 episodes. I planned to do the entire series but I got caught up in schoolwork. Now that I have some free time, I might be able to finally complete the series, yayness. :)

Samples and rules:

- comment
- credit psychoicons, don't claim as your own
- no hotlinking, no editing
- textless icons are not bases

016. 035. 048.

( + 52 )
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