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OMGOMG! Bedlam Bards to play at Flan II!

OMG OMG! The Bedlam Bards will be playing FLANVENTION II!! Here's the annoucnement from the Bedlam Bards Yahoo group:


I may have to go sit down. No, wait, I am sitting down. I may have to stand up so that I can sit down again. No, wait, I'm going to go
outside and whoop with jubilation, then I'll come back and sit down.

Okay, I'm back now.

Here's the news:

The Bedlam Bards will be appearing as special musical guests at the Flanvention II, the world's ultimate Firefly/Serenity convention!

Last year, almost the entire primary cast of Firefly/Serenity attended the first Flanvention, as well as Joss Whedon and Greg Edmonson. This is a very high-end, prestigious event. This is what I've dreamed about ever since we decided to make the album.

And it's all because of you. Well, actually it's because BedHead Brian Rubin was inspired by the tale of how the North Carolina BedHeads arranged for us to do NCRF, so he approached the Flanvention folks about us. See, fans really can change the world. Well, our little part of it anyway!



I am so gorram happy right now. :)
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