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New community and some fanart!

Hey all! I wanted to announce a brand new community a couple friends and I created yesterday, on Nathan's birthday.

oh_nathan a community where fans of Nathan Fillion can frolic in their love for him. We are your regular actor LJ community, but we have a special focus on the silly, dorky, geeky, and giddy side of Nathan. :D He is just so damn pretty.

We would love to see you all there! Pictures, icons, colourbars, news, discussions, we want to see it all! Especially if there is something silly. :) We also wouldn't mind some affiliates, so drop me a line if interested.

And to make this post less annoying, I will offer here some of my Firefly art for y'all to look at, too. Comments/crit on my art would be lovely!

Starting with earliest -> latest:

My first attempt at drawing them. :P

Simon in profile.

My persona as a wolfy Browncoat!

A WIP of Simon in uniform. Mmm.

Mal. Very proud of him.

Simon and Kaylee. ^_^

Jayne! A drawing for an icon I made for a friend. <3

Simon. For me.

A chibi!Jayne done in Flash.

X-posted. Stay shiny, fellow Browncoats!

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