box.of.moonlight (boxofmoonlight) wrote in fireflyfans,

Hey all!

If you're interested, I made a few icons. They're very low-tech. Very low tech. We're talkin' mad MS Paint skillz, yo. Or, perhaps more appropriately, shiny MS Paint skills, lol.

Anyway, I'll stop blabbing.


Random factoid: I got the 'inspiration' from Serenity when River senses them during the bank robbery.

#7 is the same as #2, except for the first 'r'- it didn't look right so I had to kind of fatten it up.

I would really love it if you would be so kind as to leave a comment if you like them. Or even if you hate them. These are the first icons I've ever made (and will probably be the only ones, lol). They're all of the same thing- it's just one idea that I messed around with, and got a little carried away with it, lol.

So yeah, please:

-comment (please? It's the only time I'll ever ask you to do it, I promise! Look, the linkie is right there *points with a hopeful smile*)
-credit goes to boxofmoonlight
-do not alter these. Though they're not that fantastic so I don't think this is a problem- just thought I'd say that. These are my only source of icon pride, so I'd like them to be preserved in original condition ;)
-don't hotlink

I'm sure you all know the 'rules' though ;) And everyone around here is pretty decent, so I doubt I even needed to say any of the above stuff.

Thank you!!!

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