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Shiny's for the flans :)

Hiya. It seems whenever I get left alone in my computer class, I end up messing with Photoshop and makin some shiny's. This time I tried my hand at a different type of "... is Love" banner.

Serenity is Freedom Love

Mal is Misbehaving Love

Now, I'm liking the Serenity one much more than the Mal one as the gradient took much better to the shadows and shapes of the ship then Mal's lovely body. I'll mess with it a bit more to see if I can get it to take better. And I'm planning on making a whole series of this "... is Love" postcards for each of the characters. If anyone wants one for a specific person, just request it and I'd be happy to ooblige :)

Please credit nakki when using these. Text is Papyrus.
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