Marion (entwashian) wrote in fireflyfans,

Re: Jubal Early

So I was watching Coyote Moon (which is apparently one of quite a few remakes of Yojimbo, which apparently a film version of a novel called Red Harvest...) with my sister, when I noticed that the name of Pat Morita's character was none other than Jubal Early.

Which totally tripped me out, so I had to Google the name, & I saw (among other things) the little bit of Jubal trivia on Wikipedia.

Oh, and then there's this little snippet about the original Jubal Early at
"Despite his adept legal mind, his character and personality provoked controversy. He was consistently described by his peers as eccentric, outspoken, caustic, opinionated, and a great swearer with imaginatively profane speech..."

I simply can't imagine why they would name the Firefly character after him....

So now I'm only left to wonder why Pat Morita's character is called that.

ETA: Also starring in Coyote Moon (aka Desert Heat) are Larry Drake (Sir Warwick Harrow in Shindig), and Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (whom Adamaniacs might recognize from Farewell, My Love, which also starred Mark Sheppard). Just a bit of 6º fodder. :D
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