yssim999 (yssim999) wrote in fireflyfans,

a newbie sort of question

Hey my fellow nerds! (and i say 'nerds' in a loving way) My husband and I have only recently fell in love with firefly and i have a question about Shepard Book that maybe someone here knows the answer to.

Do you remember in the episode "Safe" when Book gets shot and the Alliance is all iffy on taking him until they read his ident card? Then later when he is recovering Mal asked him what was up with that, and Book replied that he would tell him someday. Did we ever find out what was up with that? Was it in the comic books that Joss wrote or did we find out in the series/movie and I totally missed it? Because I have been very curious about his secret background (what kind of preacher can shoot like that and knows so much about crime and what not) since that episode and was sad at the end of the dvd box set when we didn't learn more about his background.

Thanks in advance :)
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