Demento Mstie (dementomstie) wrote in fireflyfans,
Demento Mstie

I'm sure this has been said before, but I haven't seen it here yet

So, sorry if I'm repeating something that's been stated 100 times before, but: I saw a little bit of "28 Days" on cable tonight, enough to see Alan Tudyk quickly in a scene and then the group went to a convience store or something, I don't know because I was more amazed by the fact that the name of the recovery clinic they're in(or whatever it is in that movie) is "Serenity Glen" it said so on the bus. So, really, you could argue that Wash was on Serenity before even Mal. Except that Serenity was a bus. And on Earth that was. And he had a different character name and hairstyle. But, still... I'll go be crazy somewhere else now, later.
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