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The Premise

Lampyridae is a post Serenity (movie) | Firefly roleplaying game, obviously based in the universe that Joss Whedon created when he created Firefly. After the events of the movie… Serenity and her crew are sailing in a new black, so to speak, the Alliance is still a power but their hold is waning. Interest is peaked when a fellow Browncoat waves Serenity with the possibility of interesting information and a promise of a job.

We have been running for just over three months with a strong current & future plot and active players. We are currently at the beginning/middle of a large battle against the Alliance force on Boros, but don't let the huge idea stop you from applying.

The Name

Lampyridae is the scientific name for the firefly.

The Characters

Looking for a Simon Tam. As well as original characters and minor characters.

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