No Mere Ranger (shadow2serenity) wrote in fireflyfans,
No Mere Ranger


Friends, a great day is upon us in just over two months.

June 23: Uncle Joss's birthday, as we are all keenly aware. But the 23rd of June in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Six will become an auspicious day in history: we will give Uncle Joss his most whopping birthday present ever: WE WILL RISE AGAIN!!! Save the date, for it is on that day that we will set forth to the four corners of the Earth-that-was to shake it with our support. We will buy the DVDs, we will send fan mail to the studios, we will celebrate the genius of Uncle Joss and the specialty of his creation and the very existence of Firefly, we will make ourselves heard - as we clamour en masse for Serenity and our Big Damn Heroes to fly once again. In just a couple of months, we're gonna be rainin' fiery fan support down on those arrogant cods, so you hold! YOU HOLD!!!!

Link is below for full details. Spread the word, fellow Browncoats! March on out and show them who we truly are!

HAHAHA!!! Ours is an evil laugh!! NOW FLY!!!!!

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