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Update on the movie...

Though you all would like to know... this.

Here's the excerpt.

Failed Whedon series closer to resurrection
Posted on Mon, 12-Jan-2004

Sounds like there's some good news coming for "Firefly" fans. received this update from Chris Buchanan, president of Joss Whedon's production company Mutant Enemy.

"We are getting pretty close on the movie and hopefully we'll have some "official" news soon. It seems that the DVDs are doing really well (e.g. better than Fox anticipated) and that there have been significant re-orders (an unusual thing for this type of program). Of course, we weren't that surprised but what can you do... Universal seems to be willing to make the movie (crossing fingers, touching wood, lighting candles), but we still have a few (non-creative) hurdles to cross.”

Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up.
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