RB (revrb) wrote in fireflyfans,

Nimen hao!

Hao jiu mei jian!

Though I had been interested in the idea for years, being introduced to--and falling in love with--Firefly really provided the impetus for doing it. It can sit side-by-side with what has been native and natural all these years. I have leaned toward Taoism and Buddhism for a few years now. And looking at the state of the world, it is inevitable that having some additional knowledge and skills will be beneficial in the long run.

So: is anyone else here learning to speak and write Chinese? Not the occasional curse or expression that sounds oh-so-quaint, I mean actually learning the language from the inside-out. And not so much as a little hobby. I'm totally serious about this, quan xin quan yi.

Xie-xie! Zai tian!
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