Annabella (annabella) wrote in fireflyfans,

Sighting Geekiness

I love CSI (Las Vegas) and since I got my Direct TV turned off a couple months ago i've been deprived. I recently found season 5 (I had the others) super cheap on and i've been working my way through them. Last night I stumbled on Summer in an episode that I last saw before I knew her as River. I know, I know But I was just knitting along, enjoying the Grissom & the Warrick and there she was, unexpectedly. I squeed. Acting wise she was good, but it was a bit part. *sighs*

Though I admit, it was no squee compared to the squee David Anders (Sark from Alias) got for the episode he's in. I love that man. He's just so.... pretty.

Cross-posted to my own journal, but nowhere esle.

End to the Geekiness.
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