a failure of imagination (atomic_eyes) wrote in fireflyfans,
a failure of imagination

Alright Folks here's the deal. I'm promoting a Firefly RP community.

fireflyserenity It's going to be great so come play with us.

Open Characters:
Jayne - being played temporarily until role is filled
Zoe - being played temporarily until role is filled
Wash - being played temporarily until role is filled

To Join contact mechanickaylee or spacehooker
AIMs- xandysgirl and worshipmyshoes

1. There is a posting requirement of 1 post per week. If you for some reason can't make the one post, just let one of the mods know.

2. 2. No ooc posts in this journal. OOC belongs in ooc_firefly

3. You may not harm another person's character without asking permission of the person playing that character. You may also not kill a character off withouth permission from the player and the mods.

4. You may not speak for/pin down at a certain time and place another character without asking permission.

5. Absolutely no flaming of any kind.

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