Holly Miller (looking13glass) wrote in fireflyfans,
Holly Miller

Big Damn Heroes messanger bag

Being a hopelessly obsessed Browncoat, I thought I'd design an original bag just for the best fandom of all time :P I originally made one for myself, and got so many comments I decided to make a few to sell. This is a messanger bag I designed/made and is up for sale on my LJ (along with a few other non-Firefly fandom/original bags) I've made two of these so far, because that's all I had money for, but if they become popular, I will definitely make more and in a different design. Rest assured, all profits go to a good cause: my own personal Firefly-Serenity support fund XD (i.e. I'm saving up for the Movie soundtrack, and the brand-new Visual companion.)

Tell me what you think!

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