JulieR (julesong) wrote in fireflyfans,

There are two exciting Big Damn Chefs announcements! :)

May 1, 2006
We received recipe submissions from talented Firefly music score composer Greg Edmonson! He sent us two wonderful recipes: Pepper Steak in Red Wine, and tasty Roasted Potatoes. He said, "These have been favorites at many of our dinner parties and are bound to please Browncoats in search of a hearty meal!"

May 4, 2006
At long last, the Cover Art Contest is now open! For more information about the contest, click here to go to the website and guidelines.

  • 1st place - your artwork appears on cover, a "Serenity Bank Heist Money Display" donated by the Propstore of London, and a prize package from the Blue Sun Shop.

  • 2nd place - your artwork appears in some form on back cover, and a prize package donated by Blue Moon Novelties.

  • 3rd place - your artwork appears in grayscale in some form within the book, and a prize package donated by the Lilac Trading Station.

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