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First Firefly fanvid

Hello there : ) I'm a brand new Firefly addict, and since the totally unfair cancellation of this shiny tv show frustates me like ever, I compensate by doing the most of fanwork I can...
I hope you'll like this first vid' (and hope too there's not too many mistakes in that message, I'm not a native english-speaker, sorry about my grammar ^^" ) but all kind of reviews are welcome, especially ones that makes me progress : )

Vidder : Jade
Title : The Remedy (is Serenity)
Song : The Remedy (I won't worry) by Jason Mraz
Spoilers : Through the whole serie but spoiler free about the movie
Characters  : The whole crew
Genre : Humor
Size / Type : 9,3 MB - WMV file
Notes : This is a tribute to the Serenity's crew, the family they form. No special effects or stuff, but I tried to match the lyrics as much as possible
This video has been created for the_swordman, fan_elune and greenie_breizh, the 3 awesome browncoats who made me a browncoat : )
Links : available here (click on the last pictures to download the zipe file)

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