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New song

New Firefly song .... This time its pretty international     

lyrics: Kessie
lead vocals: Sheena Harden (America, texas)
drums: Tengku Abdurrahman (Indonesia, "spirit garden"
violin and soundsample: Greg Edmonson Soundtrack (O.S.T.Firefly)
all other instruments, recording and production: kaywin/bernd

Download at:

Kaylee´s lament

Until not too long ago
I only loved my Serenity.
Adored the pretty, shiny glow
and engines made so perfectly
But  so little did I know
who was about to show
He´d change my life real soon
gving me something to swoon

Oh, why won´t you see me?
I´m standing here
giving broad hints all the way.

But then on a shiny day
we landed on Persephone
and this tiny, little stay
changed the world for me
Here we met Doctor  Simon Tam
and his sister, on the run...
They were added to the crew
now with us they flew

What´s a girl to do
to get a man to see
What´s a girl to do
I have feelings, too
What´s a girl to do
to get a man to see
I have feelings, too
but you keep ignoring me

I knew from the (very) first day
that he was the love of my life
he entered my heart straight away
cutting deep like a knife
With him life could be complete
but sadly he´s got cold feet
This man does get on my nerves
Is that really what I derserve?

Cause hey, who could resist
these shiny and slender hips
a cuter smile did never exist
not even talking about the lips
But the best are his eyes
saying more than a thousand skies
Also he has got a great heart
and of course is really smart

Now I`m standing here all alone
wishing he´d finally see
After everything I have shown
he must suffer from idiocy.
But, still, he only cares for his sister
making my heart blister
Oh why can´t we (just) be together
then I wouldn´t leave him ever

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