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streetwalkin' cheetah with a gun in each hand

Serenity Now/Equality Now in Tucson, AZ.

Calling all Arizona Browncoats:

Saturday, June 24th starting at 7pm: The Best Damn Joss Whedon Double Feature Ever! - Serenity & The Buffy Sing-A-Long

The Arizona Browncoats present a screening of Serenity as part of the worldwide Serenity Now/Equality Now charity event, with all ticket proceeds donated to Equality Now. Following will be a special screening of the Buffy episodes "Hush" and "Once More With Feeling" (with crowd participation, of course).

Where: The Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ
When: Saturday, June 24th, starting at 7pm
How much: $10 for a Serenity Now/Equality Now ticket (all proceeds to Equality Now), or $12 for a double header ticket which gets you into the Serenity and Buffy portions of the evening.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW at the Loft box office, or if you're out of town, you can order your tickets over the phone. It's a 500-seat theater - help us sell it out!

A pre-screening shindig is in the planning process. Check here for details as they happen.
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