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Firefly/Serenity Parade Group and Costume Contest

For those of you interested in marching with your fellow Browncoats in the parade or entering the costume contest this year at Dragon Con, this information is for you! In order to pre-register for the parade so we can inform the convention of how many people will be in our group, send an e-mail to and include the information listed below:

* Full Name
* Username
* E-Mail Address
* Costume you will wear in the parade (or simply "Original Design" if it is not a character-based costume)
* Whether you plan to march in the parade, enter the costume contest, or both

At the moment we don't have a solid location for the costume contest, but it is slated to take place after the parade. Once there is a more definite time and place, or any other details have been decided on about the events, such as prizes for the contest, e-mails will go out to the address you pre-registered with. For more information check out our website (Which is having server issues at the moment, but should be fully functional again soon) for links to the yahoo group and livejournal community. Any further questions regarding the parade/costume contest can be sent to , please do not send them to the webmaster of the site or the president of SEBC. Thanks, and keep flying!


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PS Mods if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete. Just trying to spread the word. ^_^
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