Cristi (sensitivinferno) wrote in fireflyfans,

A glowing example

I forgot to tell a story about something kinda cool I noticed a couple weeks ago!

My best friends and I are obsessed with this show on the Style Network called "How Do I Look?" They basically give someone a makeover who doesn't necessarily want one, throw out all their offensive clothing, and then also give them a choice of hair and makeup styles. Then the hostess shows the victim their choice between three collections, and to give them an idea of the hairstyle option, they get to see a picture of a celebrity who sports that hair. You know, so they can see how it looks on a real live human.

Anyway, long story short, the celebrities they show are usually the average ones. You know, Jessica Simpson, Sienna Miller, blah blah blah. So imagine my shock when on one of the recent new episodes, she goes, "Your hair could look like actress Jewel Staite..." and then they briefly showed Jewel getting interviewed! The person getting the makeover didn't seem to have a clue who she was, and I noticed they punctuated it by explaining she's an "actress" (which they usually don't do) but it still took me a second to compute that they were actually using Jewel as a fashion example!
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