Wiccy (wiccanslyr) wrote in fireflyfans,

I was inspired to do a little drabble that I thought I would share. Please tell me what you think.

Title: Inara’s Sponge
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Inara’s Sponge
Word count: 162

I love it when she uses me. When she pushes me down into the warmth and makes me wet and swollen. She's always gentle with me. Her delicate hands are always soft as her long slender fingers wrap about me and squeeze, in all the right places and with just the right pressure, to ring my moisture from me. I can see it running in slow trails down her taught, lightly tanned skin before she moves me to a different spot and coaxes me to release again, sending more of my liquid over her womanly curves. Back into the warmth she drives me until I'm once again bulgy and distended and ready to provide the damp heat she desires. Up her exquisite form I slide leaving behind a saturated path of sparkling dew. I few more passes and I'm spent. She give me a sigh and a small smile. I always make her feel better. I love it when she uses me.

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