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birthday contest!

Booster is holding a contest right now that is pathetically easy and has really awesome prizes, including 2 weekend passes to Flanvention 2, autographed photos, and more. All you have to do is leave a birthday message for Joss on the Booster forum board before Monday and you're automatically entered. THAT'S IT. Winners will be announced Monday, and the messages will be sent on to Joss.

People. Come on. Do it!

Click here to get a log-in name. The "register" link is on the top left of the homepage once you're past the flash intro. Registering with Booster requires no financial obligation and there is no email spam. Halfway down the left-hand side of the homepage is the news announcement of the contest, which includes a link to the forum itself. The entire process takes less than two minutes. As of the time this was posted, there aren't even 40 entries! This is highway robbery! Go for it!
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