That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir) (thatwordgrrl) wrote in fireflyfans,
That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir)

L.A. Screening

We had a blast.

But next time, guys, *shake that bucket a bit more*! :> Those of us with 'older' numbers got skunked.

Seriously, we had a fab time and raised - I think - over $4,000.

Also, we had some 'virgins' - hope they had fun!

If anyone got pics that included the girl in the Inara outfit with the yellow, white and blue scarf/shawl, that was me! If so, can you e-mail me copies of the pics, as we forgot to get any beforehand and were simply too fragged afterward when we got home.

Thanks to everyone who put it together!
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