Tom Hodges (tdhartist) wrote in fireflyfans,
Tom Hodges

SDCC just DAYS away!

Hey Gang!

Well, San Diego Comic Con is just a couple of days away and I feel like I'm FAR from ready. Terri( vmperella )will be doing Day by Day blogging started Tuesday Evening from San Diego (*yes, the show starts Weds evening, but we arrive on Tuesday).

If you're planning to see me for a sketch, Weds Night (Preview Night) I'll have a list on my table (BB-01) for folks to sign up with thgeir request. I'm only doing 15 to 20 sketches for the whole show, so sign up early... especially if you're only doing a couple of days at the show.


Before you guys bash me for posting something NON Firefly/Serenity here, I have a Dilemia...

I am contributing a piece of art to the Browncoats for an auction at the show and I have to work on that today...

I have NO idea what I should do... any suggestions?

Ok, well, I DID meet Alan this past weekend at a show we were both guests at:

I'm the Fat one on the left (your left)just in case you were confused by who was who. :)

(By the way, I will be posting an Operative I am delivering at the show later.)
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