Abbey (place_to_hide) wrote in fireflyfans,

I'm sitting here watchin' Firefly Marathon with my 14 year old stepbrother and he has never really watched the episodes but he seen Serenity the movie.

He goes Simon is a whiney BITCH! lol I couldn't stop laughing. And than he goes "If he going save his sister than save her already!!" Well I was telling him I pretty much like everyone. And I also explained that Joss Whedon is Joss Whedon he killed off Wash because he can and because that's what he does. You can't expect everyone to live.hehe. And everything.

I knew my stepbrother would get into Firefly because he likes Angel and Buffy. He even has a cat named buffy over at his fathers house and his dad is a big Angel/Buffy fan too so. :) One big Buffyverse/Joss Verse sort His dad loves firefly too.

My mom likes firefly I mean she sat and watched Serenity once with me and liked it and I think my stepdad has yet to watch Firefly and Serenity but he was definitely interested. My stepmom liked watching Buffy and Angel. I think and she especially liked James Marsters. So :)

I know this turned into a Joss verse post. Sorry.:/ lol
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