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GINA TORRES at a convention!

Greetings, my fellow Browncoats! I am absolutely thrilled to announce a rare convention appearance by Gina Torres!

Booster Events has created a brand new convention called NanoCon especially for this special appearance. The idea behind NanoCon is that not everyone can get away for a whole weekend, so they've packed the best parts of a full convention into ONE day--autographs, photo ops, Q&As, a cocktail party, a dance, and more! Some actors can't commit to weekend conventions, so this smaller convention will hopefully be able to cater to names we don't often see on the rosters (like Gina!) More guests will be scheduled for this event. Its existence was just announced Wednesday. :-)

This event is scheduled for Sunday December 3rd in Burbank, CA. For those of you attending Flanvention 2 the weekend after, check your schedules to see if you can come both weekends! (For the record, Gina was unable to come to Flan--they tried!)

Tickets just went on sale this morning. You can buy them here. They are $229 for the day which includes everything but photo ops (autographs, cocktail party, etc). However, the first 100 sold will also get ALL photo ops included in their ticket price. Jump on it while they're available! Special hotel rates are also available, and there will be plenty of room-sharing going on to keep costs down.

Spread the word! Tell your friends! Go to Booster's website and get involved in the forums! There is an open thread for guest suggestions (to leave a post, just register with the site first). This is going to be a fantastic event!
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