Red Queen XIII (redqueenxiii) wrote in fireflyfans,
Red Queen XIII

Firefly Fox Promo

Since I saw jarrow & van's icon, I had to find the Fox Promo ("Coming up next"), because I never got to catch the show airring on TV, so I hadn't seen it. I did some searching, and I couldn't find the full clip (I'd still very much like to), but here is what I found.

A YouTube clip for the Fox promo (it's quite good, actually, but Fox still sucks.) promoting the show (probably the only bit of promoting they did..?) where the "blue" clip plays, however all too quickly, at the end.

ETA: I just found this one, as well. It has the same clip only in color. I guess it was an early trailer for the show. (Audio is very low on that one)

I also found caps from someone who had a large version of it (whether they were caps from TV, or they found the clip to download somewhere, I'd still like to know), obviously its longer than the short glimpse in the youtube trailer, hell, there was probably a set of TV spots at one point, but they probably airred once and never again *pout* Anyway, Adam looks great XD

Anyway, if anyone comes across the clip (in any quality) I'd love to see it :)
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