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I hope is ok to post this here.

Hello all of my fellow Browncoats. So I've been wanting to be a hostess to a shingdig for some time because I love Firefly and the BDM and the love I have seen Browncoats give each other is just so awesome. Theres only a slight problem, I am not aware of any Browncoats that live in my area. So if any one lives in, around or doesn't mind getting to Long Beach, California let me know so I can plan a day of Browncoat filled fun!

If no one shows up then I'll be eatin' lunch by myself, if people show up then there will be lots of browncoat love.

Date: August 6th 2006
Time: 12ish
(thats probably the time I will be awake enough to go eat something)
Place: Zen Buffet at the Long Beach Town Center
(Will give directions to those who need them)

Since I am not made of money and will not be able to provide for everyone, if you plan to eat please bring about 15 dollars... at least.

I will answer any questions any one may have about this little shindig. I'm kinda making it up as I go. And if you have any suggestions for after the eatin' happens, please feel free, ask/suggest away.

Heres the address. I'd send you a map to get there but I have no clue as to were you are coming from. So the handy dandy mapquest will help.

As for IDing ourselves, I've been thinking about that. I was debating if I want to just using my name or to rub it in and make it a Browncoat table. I think I like the Browncoat idea best. So first ask for the Browncoat table, and if for some reason they won't go for that just ask for the Sherwood table. Hope to see you there!

Zen Asian Buffet
7503 Carson Blvd, Long Beach, CA (7.15 miles away)

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