Tom Hodges (tdhartist) wrote in fireflyfans,
Tom Hodges

SDCC Round Up!

The show was great for me. Sold lots of sketchbooks, sold out of the Rampage print and did a bunch of sketches.

I also got to spend a lot of time with old and new friends. We had a great time as tight as the space was.

I decided this would be the year I pick up some art...

Phil Noto

Russell Walks

Bruce Timm

Otis Frampton ( I LOVE THIS!!!! and he did it for us, we didn't even ask!!!)

Art Adams

Erwin Haya (he's great, check out his site:

Katie Cook katie_can_draw did these for Terri and I...


Matt Busch and I traded some original Art

I also did my usual thing and picked up sketchbooks from some of my friends and favorite artists...

2 from Eric Powell, Bernie Wrightson's new one, Campbell's new Sketchbook is AWESOME as is Jim Lee/Wildstorms and of course, the Grand Master of Boobage and Hotties, Adam Hughes

JG Jones, Chris Sanders, Andrew Bawidamann, OTIS M' MAN, Gutz and my pal Mark Brooks

Art Adams and Bruce Timm

I LOVE getting Sketchbooks, it's one thing I go out of my way for at shows.

I also got to meet new people...

Bryan Singer:

Edward James Olmos:

I've met Joss before, but this time, he was at my table going through my art, I was too busy to notice, I found out by Terri who repeatedly was kicking me in the leg until I looked up... Special props to Grant for having his camera handy!

Another guy I've met before but this time was as friends was Iain McCaig. He informed me that Adam Hughes and my C3 prints were framed and on his studio wall... I thought that was cool. He's doing a Padme sketch for me and I cannot wait to get it!

Lastly on the hanging with friends spot, Jeff Campbell managed to break away from his busy Con and come hang out with us at the Master Replicas Party Friday night at the show.

Terri vmperella posted a link in her LJ to all of her pics from the show and our post show trip to Disneyland. It was a great show, a great time with friends ( gatodama gdg wogs katie_can_draw, uterdic, mattbusch, bonniegrrl, manraysky if I left you out, PLEASE don't be offended!!!) and fans and next week I will be at Wizard World Chicago. Should be a great show!
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