thebaroness (thebaroness) wrote in fireflyfans,

DVD extras.

I was wondering about the different kinds of extras that come with various versions/regions of the Serenity DVD. I have the Region 2 and Region 4 versions and was wondering if i'm missing out on anything.

On the region two version you get:
Joss Whedon Introduction
Feature Commentary
Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary By Director Joss Whedon
Future History The Story Of Earth That Was
Whats In A Firefly
ReLighting The Firefly
A Filmmakers Journey

On the region 4 version you also get:
Joss Whedon Q&A
Extended Scenes
Take a Walk on Serenity
The Green Clan

Is there extra stuff on different regions? I'm asking because i keep seeing clips on youtube that i've never seen before and i'm wondering where people get them from. If anyone can recommend good clips of rare behind the scenes stuff i'd be really grateful, i just can't get enough of firefly. :-)

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