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Title: His Story
Rating:PG-13 ish I suppose for violence
Pairings: Cannon
Warnings: none unless you haven't seen the show
Parts:1 of 2, Part one found Here
Summary: Takes place in War Stories For the most part its just filler or what I think was going on when the others we're looking for Wash and Mal. It's mostly to the effect of Wash's point of view of what happened, only in the third person.

And now...Part two ^^

Zoe could tell he was torn up pretty good. In the better light of Serenity, she could see the bruise and burn marks on him. "Wash! Please stop for a second so I can take a look."

"No time for it Zoe. Sooner we get back to Mal, the better." She kept her hand on his back and helped him down to the bunk. He peeled his bloodstained shirt off and dropped it on a heap on the floor looking for something else to wear. He soon found a white sleeveless shirt and pulled it over his head, wincing as it pressed against his chest.

"Wish you didn't push Simon away. Ya' need ta' be looked at." She was gathering her own vest and guns to go through.

"Told you I'm fine. Besides being sore and tired, I'm shiny." He grabbed his own vest off the back of a chair as Zoe came over and took his arm. He winced again and she wrapped her arms around him, holding him as gently as possible. "Soon as we get back, you and that bed become one, dong ma?"

He nodded and kissed the top of her head, pulling back to zip up his vest. "I..I'm sorry about earlier. I was being stupid.." Before he could continue talking, Zoe had leaned up and kissed him.

"I forgave you long after you took off with Mal. We can talk about it later."

"Right now we gotta save the Cap'n." He smiled, some of his confort returning to him. He grabbed some of the bigger guns from the closet and followed her out to the galley.

Even though everyone seemed to doubt their ability to go in and get Mal themselves it didn't stop them. They moved down from the galley, heading to the shuttle to take off for Niska's. Wash stopped on the stairs when his vision doubled. Zoe stopped and looked back, concerned. "Baby..?"

"Zoe, I'm going. spun on me a little." He stood up again and met her at the bottom of the stairs.

"I don't need my husband passing out in the middle of a mission. You're going to see Simon before we go." She took his hand and lead him off to the infirmary. However when they got there, Simon was no where to be seen. She pointed to the stool and made him sit walking around collecting a few things to work on him with. She unzipped the vest and saw the blood marks from where he was electricuted. She sat down in front of him and pushed the shirt up some to patch them as best she could for now.

She pulled the shirt back down when she was finished and grabbed a long tube off the counter. Wash cringed when he saw the needle. He hated needles.

"Need something to help you out. Keep you going." She took it out and placed it against his chest, without warning administering the adrenaline. Wash cringed, resting his head against her shoulder, shaking. Zoe rubbed his back till the moment passed, letting the drug work through him.

"We're gonna get him back Zo'.."

"That we are husband." She helped him up and smiled, before walking out of the infirmary and out into the bay, going over their plan.

Much to their surprise, the others joined them. Of course they did. Mal was their Captain. Jayne joined Zoe and Wash in Niska's office clearing the area and running over to get Mal. Jayne helped Mal back into the room off the ledge and started to walk him back to the ship. Wash stayed where he was looking around the room in a daze. Zoe touched his shoulder. "Lets go home." He looked at her nodding and they all headed back to Serenity.

Book and Simon were in the hall just by the doors to Serenity waiting for them. Simon looked horrified by the sight of Mal and ran up to Jayne starting to work on Mal as they made their way back. Zoe stayed close to Wash, seeing how out of it he was becoming. The shot had to be wearing off. Book walked up to them.

"Perhaps you'd like some help getting back son..?" Wash shook his head and straightened out. "Just gotta get us outta here and landed on the planet again." He walked past Book and onto the ship. Zoe watched him and then looked to Book.

"He needs to-"

"I know Shephard. Gonna see to it. But ya' heard him. Got a job to do." She walked past Book and after her husband.

Once back on the ship, she looked around, Wash no where in sight. He was moving faster then she'd expected. Mal was still being carried off with Jayne and Simon and she thought it best to grab some things and take care of Wash herself. Mal would need all of Simon's attention. She followed them all to the infirmary.

They helped lay Mal on the table and get him settled before Simon began his work. He saw Zoe and waved her over. She came without another thought.

"Zo'..I told him things promised I wouldn't." Zoe raised an eyebrow and made sure the others in the room weren't listening.

"What might that be sir..?"

"...certain orders I gave ya'. That ya' didn't follow." Her face grew very serious, almost deadly. "But you and I both know I dun mean it now. Would have never told him if the situation was different."

"You needed to tell him something to keep him alive and fighting with you. Not sure it was the best topic." She still didn't look pleased. "Think you broke him worse then Niska did Mal."

Mal sighed and closed his eyes. "He gonna be all right?"

"If I can get him to stop for two seconds, realize how banged up he is. Sure his body's just in shock now." Simon caught the comment.

"Zoe, if you want I'll come and check on him." She shook her head.

"You see to Mal. I can take care of Wash." The boat shook, meaning they'd landed. She looked back to Mal and sighed again. "Sir, I'll talk to him. Make things right." She nodded to the rest of them in the infirmary and headed out to see to her husband. Walking down the hall, she saw the door to their bunk was closed. But her husband was still sitting on the bridge. She shook her head and made her way up, seeing him almost asleep in the chair. Kneeling down, she placed her hand on his thigh. "Hey.."

He jerked awake and looked at her, resting his head back in the chair. "This isn't a bed," she whispered. He nodded his agreement.

"Almost was if you hadn't come up." He smiled and leaned forward, holding his chest. She stood, getting her arm under his arm and pulled him up. He bit his lip and took a second, before looking at her and smiling. "So's now a good time to tell you what a pigu I was..?"

She shook her head. "You're not one and I already told you I forgave you. Now start walkin' husband. Need to get you patched up better." This time he didn't argue. They were out of harms way for now. Everyone was safe and back on the ship. The two made their way down to the bunk.

He laid right down, covering his face with his hands, feeling at the damage it had taken. Felt swollen. "Don't play at it. Need to clean it off better." Zoe spoke quietly as she started to undress him. She looked through what she'd grabbed to patch him up better and proceeded to do so. "Mal told me what he said to you."

Wash didn't say anything, just stared at the cieling to their bunk as though he were out of it.

"He didn't mean what he said. Mal doesn't feel that way-"

"Now, anyways, right?" He smirked and sighed. "How could I not see that I would never be good enough for my Captain's best friend. You'd think you were his daughter or something." Wash shook his head. "Its all right Zo'. What's done is done. Haven't got any hard feelings towards Mal and I'm sure he doesn't have any for me. Did what he had to to keep me alive. Because you're his friend." Zoe stopped and looked at him.

"You're his best friend Zoe. All he had for a while till you got this ship. You were the only one he could talk to about the war, what you'd both been through. You have the war stories and that's something I'll never know. So naturally, when you fell in love with me and we started talking, I'm sure Mal wouldn't like that. Thought he wouldn't have anyone to talk to anymore. But you knew, that nothing would change between the two of you. Still best friends, still do as he says because you're loyal. You're a good friend and co-captain. And I should have known better then to think it may have been anymore then that. It's like I told him at Niska's bao bei. You two got something you and I will never really share, but its all right. Makin' our own stories, and I haven't got anything to be jealous of anymore.."

She leaned down and kissed him sweetly on the lips. "THAT'S the man I married. You're the man I love Hoban Washburne. Don't you ever doubt that again."

"Don't plan to lamby toes." He kissed her back and closed his eyes, soon falling asleep as she worked on wrapping his wounds. He couldn't stay awake anymore. To much had happened that day. And even though in the back of his mind, he was expecting to have nightmares of what happened, they never came. He was all right. He was safe and home. He was with Zoe, and in the end, that was all that mattered to him.
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