Red Queen XIII (redqueenxiii) wrote in fireflyfans,
Red Queen XIII

San Diego Browncoats

Someone posted here a little awhile ago about organizing a Browncoat meetup in their area, just to get to know everyone. I haven't been able to attend any Firefly events because the only things going on in my area were Comic con (couldn't afford it this year) and the Serenity Charity Screening (which I happily attended!) so I was wondering, just curious as to how many people are around, if there is anyone here in the San Diego/La Mesa area? I've been around the SDbrowncoats yahoo group, and the only thing being organized as of now is an RPG meetup (which I know nothing about, sadly) and Snakes on a Train (which sounds like lots of fun and I'd like to attend). I was hopeing someone would post something about a simple gathering, like a viewing party or something. Whether it were at someone's house or just a lunch at a cafe, just to get to know the other Browncoats in the area, and maybe organize more events. I'd love to attend and I'd be more than happy to help (I'd even offer to host but, unfortunately, I live in a one bedroom apartment), but I just don't know enough people to get started, so I'm hopeing that I will meet some fellow fans that want to plan some Shindigs in the area ^^ the SF Browncoats seem to be the most active, and closest group, with monthly meetups. I only wish something like that would happen here ^^
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