Katie (orangepenguino) wrote in fireflyfans,

Jubal Early an answer on Jeopardy! tonight

This may only make me happy, but tonight's Jeopardy! episode's last clue in the category on rebels was something to the effect of "This confederate general nicknamed 'Old Jube' stormed Washinton D.C. in 1864." and I yelled, "JUBAL EARLY!!!"

Luckily, I was home alone, but yeah. I thought somebody else might be amused by this little Firefly-related tidbit popping up in the world.

Just to make this post slightly more useful for the general public, a random picture of Nathan Fillion, distant relative of the non-fictional Jubal Early.

from Two Guys and a Girl

and actually, just for the hell of it, another one:

Nathan and Joss at Flan I
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