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please don't flame the newbie

newbie bearing fic idea!

 *steps out from behind corner, looks about nervously* hi! *waves, then goes back to hiding*
i'm a newbie and while i was watching 'Casablanca' last night (my mum's idea), and i immediatly thought "omg, Rick is so like Mal!" which is when this idea sorta just popped out of my brain. I know i could never do it justice, so i decided to put it out there for you more talented people to work on. So here goes:

Richard "Rick" Blaine = Malcom "Mal" Reynolds
(see, they both have nicknames! It's perfect! I just had to add that. And the line "i stick my neck out for nobody" (which, btw, he does in the end for Ilsa/River) sounded like Mal)

Ilsa (Rick's long-lost love) = River
(younger than Mal/Rick, but still loves him)

Victor Laszlo (Ilsa's husband) = Simon

Sam (piano player) = Zoe
(i don't know if she can actually play the piano, i just thought it fitted because both characters were present when Mal/Rick change - Mal through war, Rick through losing Ilsa)

Capt. Renault (the French soldier who helps Ilsa and Rick .... eventually) = Jayne
(because he seems to like Rick/Mal, even though they are supposed to be on completly different sides)

Ugarte = Wash
(especially this one line where Rick goes to him "You thought, huh?" and Ugarte goes "Hm, what right do I have to think, huh?", it just seemed totally Wash-like)

Senor Ferrari ("the leader of all illegal activities in Casablanca") = Badger

Major Strasser (German major) = Blue Hands, The Operative or Jubal Early

Yvonne = Inara

Carl = Kaylee

so what do y'all think? Am i crazy and obsessed, perfectly reasonable or a mixture between the two? Should i just forget about it or what? Put me out of my misery people!

..... please?

for more info about 'Casablanca' (to help with the fic or whatever) go to the rotten tomatoes site or imdb

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