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First time fanvid creator....ready to beat my head against a wall for my BDH's

So here's the gist withoutall the cussin' and all that...

I have an awesome idea for a firefly fanvid that I want to develop, I've never done any video editing/production but I do a fair bit of audio work. Anyways I don't have a vid cap card, I do have all the DVD's of course (what browncoat doesn't) anyways I've been trying to nab the video/audio off my discs but that has proven fruitless so far...

so for those more vetrean(I know that's spellt wrong) movie makers I have two questions:
1. I have two dvd writers (one is dual layer) and no video capture card, processor is an AMD 2400+ with 512 ram. What is the easiet way to nab the video off the discs without problems? hard drive space is not an issue...

2. what is the best ***freeware*** video editing software out there? I have no itentions of shelling out large sums of money for what /may/ be a one-off project.... Oh and I'm running win 2k so I don't get any windows movie maker love.... :(

Thanks for the help guys.

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