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Anyone else hear about the iTunes campaign?

I just got the Chicagoland Browncoats e-newsletter and there's a message there about the iTunes Campaign, taking place August 11-24!

See this post at for more info:

FIREFLY FORTNIGHT ~ iTunes Episode Round-up!
Life's a bitch. Now so am I.

    All episodes of Firefly are now available for purchase and download on iTunes for only $1.99 each. This is a fantastic opportunity for supporting our remarkable show. As a way of showing the ongoing vibrant fanbase for Firefly, and to make the most of such great access to our shiny show, fans will be joining in "Firefly Fortnight". As it just so happens, there's 14 days in a fortnight and Firefly has 14 episodes, so it's a great way to spend two weeks boosting the signal! The basic purchase plan is for everyone to start with "Serenity" on day one, and then organize our purchases to follow each episode, each day, in order. Everyone will buy the same Firefly episode each day -- in the order intended by Joss -- all 14 shows through to the end with "Objects in Space". Two full weeks of Firefly buyin' goodness!
This initiative kicks off on Friday, August 11th. The purchase dates are:
Aug 11 - Serenity
Aug 12 - The Train Job
Aug 13 - Bushwhacked
Aug 14 - Shindig
Aug 15 - Safe
Aug 16 - Our Mrs. Reynolds
Aug 17 - Jaynestown
Aug 18 - Out of Gas
Aug 19 - Ariel
Aug 20 - War Stories
Aug 21 - Trash
Aug 22 - The Message
Aug 23 - Heart of Gold
Aug 24 - Objects in Space

Now there's bound to be some spill over with the episodes, especially if you want to recruit someone halfway into the fortnight, well, they'll need to see Serenity first... so just buy Serenity, and all the episodes needed to catch up at that point! But the fun will be giving each episode its own special day. Makes for interesting discussions on the forum too. It's always great to rediscover a Firefly episode, and see something you missed the first 40 or 50 times you watched it... heh...
Spread the word — let's get some buzz goin' and have a great time boosting Firefly to the top of the download chart. Do you have a family member, friend or co-worker who would enjoy being introduced to Firefly on their iPod, or on their computers? Been tryin' to help folks discover how singularly incredible Firefly is, but you're meeting resistance? Getting excuses like: DVD sets too pricey; they don't have the time to go buy the DVD set; spaceships and cowboys sounds so weird; or they have a problem with their brains bein' missin'? Well, cut through all that resistance and just send them Firefly episodes as gifts! Yeah, that's right, it's the high tech way to badger folks into doing something they'll thank you for over and over again later on anyway....

Episodes can be purchased here:
(to connect to--or download--iTunes)

(Once you're "in" iTunes, look at the links along the left side and click on the last one, the one for) TV Shows
(on this page, look along the left side for the Networks section and scroll down and click on) FOX
(click on the banner for) FOX Television Classics (second row, in the middle--yes, Fox considers it a classic of theirs... now!)


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