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The Browncoat Ball - THE event of the season - 22-24 Sept

Got your ticket for the social event of the season yet? No? But it’s the Browncoat Ball!

Every two years, Browncoats across the globe gather to party at our very own shindig! And this year, we’re heading to San Francisco, home of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the SF Browncoats.

Now, most balls would just be a one night stand, but not this one. This is a full weekend of fun, frivolity and frocks! Come for an evening or stay for the weekend… it’s up to you.

The Browncoat Ball - 22-24 September, 2006 – San Francisco, California

The festivities will start with an evening at Fanty & Mingo’s on Friday night, where you will get a chance to meet all the fine people in the beautiful Chinese ballroom of the Empress of China. Dine on some of the best food in town, then work it all off to a Browncoat DJ mix. Dress will range from "I just got in from the spaceport" to "behold the hotness that is me", so feel free to go all out… or not!

The big day is Saturday (of course!) and we’ll taking the ship to sea for a tour of San Francisco Bay. Yup… 250 Browncoats on one itty-bitty boat. Ok, so it’s not really itty-bitty… but it will be FUN! Just imagine… 250 of your closest friends (trust me, they will be by the end of the trip!) sailing away against a backdrop of some of the most gorgeous scenery you’ll see this side of Bellerophon.

And the party continues with the bestest ball of them all… The Browncoat Ball! Time to wine and dine and dance the night away. This “dress to impress” evening is definitely up to Inara’s taste… no fights here! So grab your party dress and your dancing shoes and get ready for a fabulous night! Special guests include Shawna Trpcic, costume designer for ‘Firefly’ and Jonathan London, the maker of Mal’s original brown coat. And if that’s not enough, this is also your chance to get up close (and possibly personal) with some of the incredible costumes from ‘Firefly’. Keep an eye out for the belle of the ball in Inara’s ballgown from ‘Shindig’, a gorgeous dame decked out in the dress that Nandi was shot in from ‘Heart of Gold’, a refined gentleman wearing the suit Gabriel Tam wore during River’s dinosaur invasion in ‘Ariel’, a not-so-much-a thug sporting Fess’s vest from ‘Jaynestown’, and many more! And if you’re still looking for that perfect outfit, head over to to see what else is available from Shawna and Jonathan’s treasure chests.

To wind down and say good-bye (for now) the plan for Sunday is a guided tour of Chinatown, followed by shopping and general mischief-making. Chinatown is full of great places to eat and shops brimming with clothing and trinkets that look like they were stolen from the Firefly prop house (Inara and Kaylee fans should be sure to bring some spending money!).

Tickets are a steal, so don’t delay!

A full weekend ticket is just $150, and includes all the events listed above.
Saturday tickets are $100, and include the boat tour and the Browncoat Ball.
Friday tickets are $50 for the Evening at Fanty & Mingo’s.

And if you want to extend the fun how about organizing your very own Train Job to San Francisco via Amtrak? There are a whole host of routes to take from practically anywhere in the US (and Canada). Head to for more details.

So what are you waiting for!?! Head over to and get your tickets now!

Plus, this will be your LAST CHANCE to hang out with me before I head back home to the land of endless sunshine… Australia.

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