Lady Jordana the Whimsical, Queen of Sexual Napalm (operagirl25) wrote in fireflyfans,
Lady Jordana the Whimsical, Queen of Sexual Napalm

Okay folks, I have a question...perhaps I just over looked this, but...

Which if you uber clever firefly/serenity fans knows the name of the planet that the training house is located on in Serenity, where the Operative goes to get Inara and Mal rescue's her?

It's not Sihnon. That much should be obvious because that is not the house Inara trained at. In the deleted scenes, she talks about how she and sheydra started training at 12. And that these girls weren't really companions because of it. So, I am assuming that that means they are not in Sihnon or any other core world where the guild has houses. I assume this is a more remote planet, with a guild house.

Anyone have any knowledge about this?
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