Regina et Imperatrix (shy_dramaqueen) wrote in fireflyfans,
Regina et Imperatrix

Anagram fun

I played around with and the Serenity crew. Some of the results were pretty interesting. :D

'simon tam' anagrams to 'Not maims.'
- That's pretty accurate, isn't it? Although he did attempt some violence in Ariel as well as the movie. And of course, cutting people open for medical reasons is a kind of maiming...

'river tam' anagrams to 'I'm rare TV.'
- Damn straight! Way too rare!

'Inara Serra' anagrams to 'Rare as rain.'
- Well, she is a rare beauty. :)

'Hoban Washburn' anagrams to 'Ha Ha! Snub brown.'
- XD

'malcom reynolds' anagrams to 'Smelly, mad croon.'
- rrrighty, then...

'jayne cobb' anagrams to 'Job by acne.'
- ... ew? Although, he was possibly referred to as "the ugly one" just before Mal hired him.

'the operative' anagrams to 'Thieve to rape.'
- Yikes...
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