yssim999 (yssim999) wrote in fireflyfans,

hello wisconsin browncoats

I was wondering if there is any Milwaukee Area Browncoats out there? I am asking because I am moving to the MKE area this winter, and not only have I never been there, I also will know no one there (besides my husband and daughters). I tend to be ...introverted when it comes to meeting people, and I noticed how amazingly nice all the browncoats were/are on the Done the Impossible dvd, so i thought i'd send this question out into the internet 'verse. Even if we never meet in real world Shindigs, perhaps we can friend via LJ? Anyway, just sending it out there. Mods feel free to delete in case this is considered "off topic" :)

And to stay on topic...

Slither starring our very own Mal Nathan, came out on DVD yesterday :) squee!
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